Friday 8 April 2016

Fun Facts about Brampton

Here are just a few of Brampton fun facts:
  1. We speak over 70 languages in Brampton!
  2. We’re the third-largest city in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
  3. And we’re the 9th largest city in all of Canada!
  4. Many know that our downtown core, also known as “The Four Corners” was named after the original four banks that resided at each corner—but what many Bramptonians don’t know is that they were originally called “Buffy’s Corners” thanks to the downtown core focussing on Buffy’s Tavern.
  5. The recent downtown revitalization plan costed over $55 million. 
  6. We have 6 libraries.
  7. Brampton has 4,000+ acres of park land, 90kms of trails and 400 parks!
  8. Our city is named after its sister city in Cumbria, UK.
  9. We’re (possibly self-)named “Flower Town” thanks to how many greenhouses our city once housed.
  10. We have over 120 recreation areas between rec centres, commercially-owned spaces, rinks, courts and centres. 
  11. 80% of our city’s businesses are small- or medium-sized businesses that have 50 employees or less
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